High Temperature Resistant Waterproof Fabric

Stitchbond waterproof fabric is used for additional tensile strength and is recommended for all flat roof applications. this is a unique woven polyester mesh of uniform thickness with voids large enough for saturation. This allows the base coat application to penetrate through and bond to the...

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1.Made of 100% fiberglass fabric and is coated with a specially formulated inorganic coating, which develops tack and bonds to itself when wet, this product provides a safe, heat resistant textile covering for more fragile insulation materials, also featuring more higher tenacity, tear strength and adhesiion strength.

2.Specially, surface and backside can with same or different color. And the farbic is waterproof, anti-leak and anti cold.

3.The heat resistant fabrics are used to fabricate personal protective apparel, heat shields, pipe insulation, welding blankets, and other thermal insulation and fire protection products, which has a wide range of usage.

4.As one kind of heat resistant fabrics, it aims at reducing the risk of fire and heat, protect personnel and equipment, lower energy consumption, and save money. All our high heat fabrics and fire retardant textiles are available in a variety of high-performance fibers and composites.

5.Most importantly, they are light, flexible and versatile, making them easy-to-use for extreme heat applications.

6.Stitchbond waterproof fabric is used for additional tensile strength. Generally speaking, it is advised for all flat roof applications. With woven polyester mesh of uniform thickness, the voids are large enough for saturation. 

7.In addition, the finished product is a high tensile strength roof system without any cold joints or delamination. Soft flexible material that contours to the roof, around penetrations, curbs, transitions and other roof equipment for easy reinforced repairs and full restorations. 

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