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We are the largest RPET fabric manufacturer in China, Meet the environmental protection shopping bag manufacturing. Because of heat setting and surface treatment, it has a certain hardness, as a result of good strength and penetrability, it is easy for secondary processing, such as glue,...

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1)Our stitchbond non woven fabric is applied with advanced equipment from Germany and leading technology, it is high strength, anti-bacteria, anti-pull, watersoluble, corrosion resisting.

2)Recycled PET material, is a new type of recycled fabrics, the yarn is made from the waste of mineral water bottle and a coke bottle, also known as the coke bottle green cloth (RPET fabric). This product

because it is the reuse of waste, so in foreign countries especially the developed countries in Europe and America is very popular, widely used in mountaineering bags, handbags, bags lining, fashion bags. And the material here is specially made for Printing Bags.

3)This material is characteristic by eco-friendly, recyclable, regeneration ,reduce carbon dioxide emissions and less pollution.

4)This polyester is environmental friendly, heavy metal free.

5)Its raw materials are selected high-quality plastic bottle, processed by the formation of RECYCLEDFIBER and then through the stitching non-woven process.With 80% -95% recycled polyester staple fiber and 5% -20% Silk, made of RECYCLEDPET non-woven fabrics.

6)It has three main colors: white, black and camel, but we also dye the color as the requirement of the customers.

7)As a professional RPET Stitch Bonded Nonwoven Fabrics maker, our products are acid resistant, free from harmful substances like nitrogen, heavy metal, excellent air permeability and dope dyeing, never fade.

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